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An Intimate, four-day intensive experience that will give you structure, format, tools and language to order your energy and your life. This is the is the generational blessing you will implement and give to your children/ household instantly. If you are an African American woman, born between the years of 1973-1993, that has been diagnosed with a mood imbalance or you yourself suspect that you may be dealing with one, this IS the sacred retreat space for you. Includes: Ground Airport Transportation in Mexio, Lodging, Meals and Retreat Tools. (Flight not included)

Group Arrangements Available Upon Request.


Your Guide
          Kelly Maresha

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Emotional Wellness Practitioner with a concentration in several mood disorders. Emphasis in Bipolar 2, Social disorders, ADHD and Anxiety.

Her gift of translation and insight is one of an intuitive nature that has served hundreds of American black women. 

Be prepared to be both provoked and re-ignited.

This is NOT therapy. This is a CTL + ALT+ DEL. This is school. And as a feminine energy you will be challenged to receive. Which is our true divine nature. You will be introduced to tools and variables you most likely have never been aware of.

You will feel a heavy MOTHER nurturing energy working with Kelly. Then you will feel a FATHER energy of discipline.

These sacred retreats are intense. The curriculum is challenging but the results, if applied, will be transformational and consistent.

Unordered days are an indication of disordered energy. Kelly Maresha is witnessing though her practice that a vast majority of a person can be reconditioned with a plan.


Kelly is teaching you how to harness and order you magic. How to keep your feminine energy feeling safe; and not by using maladaptive behavior such as being argumentative and making confusing moves that you can't even explain.

Understand why you are feeling restless, bored, unsatisfied, blah, unmotivated, scattered, not consistent, distant and "I just don't want to do this anymore."


Her 4-day intensive retreat is indented to rewire the brain. Reestablish the individual's mindset and moral container. It will reroute the trajectory from a life of existing in chaos and scattered energy, to one that is focused, calm and aligned.

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Kelly Maresha believes that everyone and everything is an expression of God. Every move we make, thought we think and word we utter is building or destroying.

The agreements we hold with pain and chaos are covert. This philosophy with sharpen your awareness of such and support you in the dissolution of bonds and contracts. You give yourself the permission to redefine and create anything you can imagine.

Additionally it requires a review of our personal feelings towards masculine energy and how we see ourselves in that definition. This will assist each client in healing their negative association and implement a new level of masculine order into your existence. Keeping your feminine energy safe, secure and productive.

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