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Updated: May 9, 2020

My transition is not a shock to most anymore. Things and peoples reactions are starting to normalize. For most people, what I do is my business. And they are absolutely correct.

Additionally, my evolution is ever increasing. In strength, knowledge and in power, I grow more and more daily. I learn more about me as I investigate my past and I understand why I made some of the decisions that I made at a time.

My grandmother passed away my sophomore year in college. And it’s true, when transition hits close to home you start thinking about your own eternity. And at the time I still had the concept of an afterlife either being heaven or hell.

I started thinking that my grandmother was just the beginning but I had a mother, a father and siblings that I did not want to be eternally separated from.

And for me that was the driving force of me being baptized. Many people get baptized as children. However I was not baptized until I was 23 years old. My father was 64. We did it together.

My dad took my grandmother’s passing very hard. He was very visibly emotional. This was very strange coming from a man born in the 40s. “Real men don’t cry”, he taught me. Yet, I was looking at a shook, 6 ft, sobbing man.

Losing a mommy can do that to you...

I made the decision for 3 reasons. The first reason being that this was the only way I knew. That was my scope of faith and spirituality. I knew nothing outside of my own box or book. I was discouraged from doing so.

In spite of my curiosity and draw...

Once again the fear, which is the second reason why I made the decision to be baptized, influenced my choice. If I had to rep Jesus to see my family again... then so be it!

Lastly, my daddy and I were doing it together. Ummm daddy’s girl! Duh!

I didn’t give a damn about lifestyle. All I knew was that I was gonna have fun and I will repeat when I get old before I die. LOL! BOOM! Milly Rocking into the gates!

Manifesting isn’t just about money. In fact money is probably one of the last things I teach. Today I take my spirituality and freedom as serious as my very breath. It is the driving force that wakes me up. It empowers me to create the life that I dreamed of and supports me in my birthright of divinity. I am God of my life. TODAY, I commemorate the manifestation of my FREEDOM and Sovereignty.

I don’t just brush over anything. I don’t just let things go. Every word, thought and deed manifests in my life.

And so, after months of thinking back-and-forth about one of the most important days in the Christian faith, being that of baptism I decided that I wanted to make a more accurate statement of my faith. Being aware to remain respectful of theirs views, this one was for ME!

I manifested the most amazing 3 1/2 months on holiday abroad. And to commemorate this time, on February 24, 2020, in the Adriatic Sea off the coast of Croatia, I unbaptized myself out of any name that I placed higher than my own.

I rebaptized myself in my own name. Kelly! No better name could’ve been chosen for me! It means female warrior! My ruling planet is Mars. This ceremony made me feel powerful, courageous, committed and clear. It was very emotional and heavy. I am grateful to spirit for leading me and supporting me in my truth.

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