(Disclaimer: I AM A WRITER. I AM GOD and my human body is dyslexic. They typos are normal and you can still understand. I’m clearly not embarrassed. My content is dope as shit and if you want to continue to read, then accept me AS I AM! After all, isn’t that the point anyway? Comprehension? Okay, love myself and you!)

I don’t know about anyone else but I woke up feeling OMAZING! A great night of peaceful rest will do that for you.

After my quiet time, I of course go to do my morning check of messages and social media. I'm scrolling and scrolling and I seeing similar posts. I slowly was aware that my countenance was attempting to shift.

You see, my lifestyle in this season doens't live much in “TIME”. I rarely know what day of the week it is. I’m aware of AM and PM because of the sun but that's about all to my concept of TIME. I said all this to say, that Social Media was the culprit that made me aware of what DAY it was.

NYE, is quite possibly the most anxiety and stress-filled day of the western worlds years. The day the people silently beat themselves up for what they didn’t get accomplished during a certain TIME period.

It's not like you didn’t know those things weren't completed on December 1st, yet the RUSH and PUSH creeps in and rears it ugly anxious head on NYE. And well…I started writing.


Message to Consider:

Don’t let this “New Year” anxiety of “what I didn’t get done” make you feel ANY KIND OF WAY! YOU DO really control this.

It's unnecessary ANXIETY!

-It’s self inflicted

-It’s just the Gregorian calendar

-A new day is tomorrow and the next and the next…

-It’s just NOT REAL!

We celebrate the end of cycles ALL THE TIME! Why does THIS “cycle ending” have to feel like failure?

Celebrate everyday for waking yourself up! For taking a shower! For drinking your tea in the quiet for 30 minutes! For spending a night high and relaxed! For giving yourself the Best NUT💦 ever! For showing up! For smiling! For finding a big sale at the grocery store. For reorganizing your closet! For buying new panties! For detangling your hair.

Celebrate your reasonable service! Shit!

This NYE energy feels different this year. I FEEL people getting down on themselves for what they didn’t do that was on a vision board. You DO know you can put it on the 2022 vision board. OR have you ever stopped to consider that YOU have CHANGED and may not WANT to do "that" anymore?

Do you know ALL the shit you DID do that you didn’t think was “big enough”.

I will not allow social media nor a sun rise/set push me into a space where I don’t celebrate ALL I DID accomplish. Not allowing social media and what others did accomplish make me feel any kind of way. I’m going to transmute. (And we should practice being okay when its others turn to win.)

Humans are afraid of TIME… Not death or monsters…. TIME!

Ion care if the world feels angst about the “End” … nah! Saying 'NO' to the strain and anxiety of “Self inflicted contracts”. I have all the time I need to accomplish everything I desire. The “NYEnxiety” is NOT for me!

Spring Enrollment is Open:

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