Updated: May 6, 2020

If you always feel misunderstood:

A.) Do you understand others?😳

B.) Do you understand yourself? And they are just mirroring your own confusions about you back to you?🤔

C.) Do you low key like it? Badge of honor? Almost self proclaimed “elitist” in thinking 😒

If you were a person who is always argumentative or not understanding of others' viewpoints, why would you make them out to be the villain? You don’t understand others! You don’t even try.

Way too many people in the spiritual community use this to separate the me versus you. My mind is superior in thinking. Your mind is low level...


I think it’s time for more people that say that they are misunderstood, to sit with themselves, and cut the bullshit.

One of the ugly signs of narcissism is this. Beware of those people who feel like they never can connect with anybody else.

No one ever gets me...NO ONE?

Well, If they’re confiding in you (about their disconnection), and you are "everybody else", that means you too (should be) are unable to comprehend what they’re saying! 💡They are using you for emotional manipulation. Seeking anyone who will listen...Don't take the bait.

They are also actual people who are diagnosed with disorders that make them incapable of feeling and understanding the typical emotions that are attached to some situations.

They constantly blame it on the mental inadequacies of EVERY one else around them? Nope... sit with yourself.

Everybody is not against you. If you are the common denominator... this is that “Bih Girl Panty” conversation...

If you are in front of the bull’s-eye and this message hurt your feelings. I do not apologize.

Some of us including myself have truly felt misunderstood growing up. I have found in my experience that the more I accept myself and was public/open about who I was and what I believed the more people gravitated towards me.

New people that would’ve never had the opportunity to see me, having not fully disclose who I was. These people understand me very well. I’ve even met some people where I didn’t even have to finish an entire sentence because they totally understood what I was saying.

If you’re purposely using this to isolate yourself... you need to be honest about this.

There are several different categories to this so just be mindful when you hear people always singing about being misunderstood... Investigate before you give, an “awwwww, name too”.

We are not the same...

And yet these are the most difficult wants... because if you could’ve seen yourself a long time ago you would’ve fixed it. So at the very least do the math and trust the numbers...

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