Trans Spiritual

Updated: May 10, 2020

Trans Spiritual

Noun: A person born into a specific religious system but has always identified as a sovereign spiritualist.

I was born into a Pentecostal Faith. Im not going to go much further with that statement. Do your research on the roots. This is not a church bashing article.

Quite the contrary. Unlike the popular belief that something “happened” or I experienced church hurt? My experience is very different. I actually still adore my old church family and a great number of my blood relatives are still a part of a religious system.

I love them even though I don’t agree that the system was right for me. And they love me in fact we just came off of an amazing camping trip weekend.

This article was more to express how I felt inside of a system that seemed like it almost completely went counter to my natural gifts, abilities, and beliefs.

As a child I felt the cognitive dissonance. However, I had no clue on how to reconcile “the why” of why I was feeling that way.

There are many people that believe children don’t know what to believe. But that could be further from the truth. I believe many children are born with a knowing and expanded consciousness.

All things are right, open. free and excepted.

It is through programming (and the constant ‘NO’ they hear) that their knowing becomes a dimmed fragment of their imagination. What they knew slowly blends into that of their parental units.

We are all already born with a sort of three-dimensional amnesia. But our subconscience is open for molding. And from the time we get here till we are able to awaken, our subconscious is continued to be programmed by, personal trauma, the views, opinions and experiences of others.

According to an article that I read in Redbook magazine an expert says, “that the average toddler hears the word no 400 times a day. “

Everyone has had that one moment in life when you literally thought that hiding or disappearing was better than going forward.

I was always aware that I was gifted. I was always aware that I was different. But I was also aware that others before me that even dared to be different, live their truth and operate in their gifts were demonized. And I surely didn’t want to be condemned or punished.

I even questioned why I had the gifts, talents and abilities in the first place if I wasn’t able to use them. If they were bad, why would God give me something that was demonic?

I wasn’t really sure where I was going but what I did know was that I had to come full out from where I was. Fully releasing all structures and systems that feared me into trusting in a source that is outside of me. And to deny the source always was.

I can’t tell you how I first was lead to the knowledge of the chakra. For the sake of the length of this article I will simply say my ancestors and spirit team, with a divine connection lead me to all of the knowledge I have today.

But it was through that knowledge and self healing that not only did I know that I had the power to heal myself but I had golden information that I needed to share with others who are like me. Who were/are a part of a system that has them to “wait” on an outside source to heal yourself rather than the most powerful internal source that you were born with.

And scapegoating a figure when things don’t work out. It’s take responsibility off of the person responsible for creating your own reality. YOU!

I am grateful for my upbringing and feel that my introduction to spirituality was through the black church. I learned about dedication to things that you cannot see! And I learned how to go 1000% towards what’s in your soul. I only wish that the African-American church would understand that so much of who they are is because of and rooted from our strong African spiritualism. But I digress...

Once I found spirituality it felt like all the pieces made sense. It felt like I fit. It felt like I belonged. It felt like a return home.

Since the age of 15 I’ve always known that I was connected and tapped into the mysteries. And every day since my transition I have been daily receiving universal knowledge and downloads.

So I say to others who have always had a knowing inside of them, who have always felt the strain and tightness of conformity, Who have always been seers and feelers of energy. To all of my clairvoyant, clairaudient and intuitive sisters & brothers, I say, Be free to be! You are Divine, you were born this way, and you are perfect!

Noun: A person born into a specific religious system but has always identified as a sovereign #Ascension

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