Tradition and Transition

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

I want tradition as long as it doesn’t go against my natural being.

I don’t want to trash the whole concept of tradition. But I will copy and paste what will apply to me.

For almost 4 years, particularly the first 3 years of my elevation, I put myself in an accidental seclusion. This time, unbeknownst to me, was my first of many ascensions and getting reintroduced to my higher self.

While returning back to her and reestablishing what was true and important to me alone, a fresh value system that was authentically my own, emerged.

I measure what I select or reject according to this self discovery and boundaries.

During self exploration I had to sit with myself and answer some pretty in-depth questions. And most of the times I had to ask myself, “is this what I want or is this what I was shown and told that I wanted.” (Programmed)

Is this really the best for ME? Who does this tradition serve? Who does this tradition slight? Does this tradition enhance me? Does this tradition perpetuate any nonbeneficial beliefs that I am purging and reprogramming? Why am I upholding this tradition? Did I make some vow to someone/myself to uphold it?

When a traditional ideal is contradicting to my value system is when I reject it for my life. I support anyone who chooses it for themselves. My peace is my priority.

Some people may say it doesn’t take all that. Admittedly it may not be of importance to some. “Just do it for family and fun”, ah? Are people open to try your tradition for this reason?

Some dig and research the origins of a “thing”. I move by feeling and I reflect on the effect of a “thing”; both individually and collectively.

All traditions will not transition into different stages of my life. And I am at peace with this choice.

Christmas is Malta

I decided that I didn't have to wait until I havdasn't going to wait on anyone to begin my traditions. I also had to be OKAY with them being started solo for a little while longer. (Come on lover)


Think about what you've see others have done that looked interesting and fun. Get creative. Traditions aren't always big and elaborate, they are personalized, special and close to your heart. Making memories is KEY!

Here’s how I did it:

  1. 1. Decided

2. Check the weather for the time of year.

3. Book a ticket.

4. Pack your bags

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