Creator of The Base Model & Lecturer 

This program is for women of color who were raised in strict religious/cultural upbringings. This program is for the woman who is ready to LIVE. The woman ready to move past morals that taught you how to be a "good girl." The woman who is ready to confirm her lifelong notion that THERE WAS MORE to the world and that YOU were tapped in to a part of that greatness. The woman ready to step back into her native process: FEELING!


I got so tired of feeling like a liar. I had multiple thriving brands. Brands in which I positioned myself as the pinnacle of confidence. All the while second-guessing myself, doubting my ability and always looking side to side at others who seemed like they were achieving more than me. This silent war inside, against my own self, was eating me alive to a living death.

All the while FEELING unsafe and having multiples fractures all in my programming and mindset.


Through the years of my practice, I have seen a common subject of SAFETY. This was the beginning of the CREATION of The Base Model. The Base Model focuses on four fundamental areas of safety within humanity: Financial, Physical, Emotional and Identity.


Want to worry less about making the right decision and people’s criticism of you? Are you ready to step into your birthright of Divinity and rightful place as god over your life.

Are you ready to heal emotionally, tackle childhood trauma and re-create new programming that will QUANTUMLY shift you into your new reality? Wealth Spiritual Unlearning Center's curriculum may be right for you!

The Base Model 4 Week Mentorship


So many of us are walking daily with polished fronts and unconfident feelings and FEAR. We’re not sure of ourselves. We struggle with rejection and acceptance and no one knows. We’ve become masters of illusion.


Working with me you will find key links to energetic disturbances explaining how you move and make decisions today. You will find balance. Then I develop a strategy, with you, on how to maintain your healing and awareness of self.

  • Imagine feeling genuinely light, at peace and experiencing the ultimate emotional balance.

  • Do you remember what real happiness feels like?

  • Are you desiring HONEST emotional strength, balance and awareness.

  • Have you been avoiding the ugly work it takes to dig in and heal emotional trauma?

  • This program has proven results with hundreds of clients and their families. We are walking through, holding your hand, chakra healing, honoring boundaries & subconscious programming.

  • After this class you will have a prize. A lifelong process that you will always be able to circle back around to. This is the ultimate way to strengthen you individually so you won’t have to solely rely on anyone else for your emotional support.

Book now for your interview. A short, intuative phone chat will ensure that we are a good fit for optimal success! 

The surprise residual of this program is the shocking number of messages from family members thanking us for leading their family member into this level of healing. They see and are grateful for the results.


If you commit to the work, your life is sure to be transformed.


Putting energy into keeping up appearances is tiring. Convert that same dedicated energy into building the TRUE long lasting, free, unshakable version of yourself!


We help hundred of individuals monthly. Although we desire to provide assistance for everyone, we know some are still not ready for the dedication this program requires. You’ve got to know you are worth it! Book your interview now to see if this is a good fit for you. If accepted, we will let you know during this phone call.

What if I told you that the limits you were taught to observe and fear where all imaginary? What if I told you your most exceedingly, abundant, dreams could happen by the power of your own thoughts?  


If you’ve ever asked  yourself…


Have you ever had spiritual questions that people to this day cannot answer? 


Have you been feeling a pull that you can no longer can deny? 


Have your thoughts and likes been demonized? 


About Kelly Maresha

They say that greatness defined is when a purpose aligns, and nothing can be closer to the truth when it comes to one Kelly Marēsha Henson.


Born and raised in the “Sunflower State”, Kelly bloomed from her beginnings on the pews of a Pentecostal church.

It was there that she began her spiritual awakening and found the sweet spot where darkness meets light. An entrepreneur at heart, Kelly made her way through Emporia State University and now makes her home in Dallas, Texas where she successfully honed the KMH Brand, Co., LLC

As she wanderlusts through life, you can find Kelly traveling through continents spreading her montage of joy and quantum shifting mantras. She brings with her the talent and tools to ignite change by helping others find the path on to manifesting their own greatness.

I help individuals journeying from systemic religions to spirituality.

I provide a knowledgeable, safe space to transition, while offering support.

So they can confidently get reintroduced back to the path and person they were born to be.