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Reconditioning and integration for the highly spiritual black woman. 

Are you building a case for your “limitations” or a diagnosis MORE than you do for YOUR own ability and power to focus and recondition. 


Where is your belief? If I showed you that “how you are”, can absolutely be reconditioned would you believe me?


It’s about narrowing in on a vision, training your focus and building momentum, A part of quantum is waving “hey there”, at aspects of yourself quickly! Adding them into the ship at current momentum. With the mindset of “We’ll get acquainted soon, but later.” 


I understand that on this program part of yourselves  will come up & out. You will feel so happy to let those pieces free and to finally have them acknowledged by yourself. 


In this program you will learn what "container" is. Creating container will bring you the feeling of safety, focus  and accountability. 


Quantum takes extreme discipline; focus and a pinch of insane. My question to you. Is the consistent pursuit of your joy to much for you? Or are you choosing to settle, forsaking your focus, for the comfortable place of “that’s just how I am”? 

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