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Black Women are masculine dominant
and NOW share the masculine seat.

This is the next step when you are ready to move from spirituality to ascension and then reintroduction.


To tell you that this will not be like anything you’ve ever experienced, wouldn’t be enough. This is not a 10 step quick fix. This is new sight. This practice requires heart AND discipline. It is the engagement and courtship of a new relationship between ones own masculine & feminine aspects/energy.


What makes this different? The Archetypes and the focus of healing and reintroducing your masculine energy back to yourself. A completely fresh perspective. One that takes the whimsical spiritual and forms them into a machine that can function out in the world as well as internally. It takes spiritual theory and brings it into practical application.


It assists you on your journey of ordering, settling and establishing your being, into whomever you choose to become by showing you how to see clear patterns/tells to use in your decision making.


The Base Model is the first and only of its kind.  Re-establishing and strengthening the masculine energy inside of all black women. Trademarked with it’s own language and unique perspective. It is allowing so many black women to shake from a disadvantaged position they didn’t realize they were in. It’s the same self-freedom that we sought after in other spiritual practices. The feminine approach made us feel good. That was absolutely needed.


How The Base Model’s perspective journeys to this freedom is in a practical way. What Goddesses are doing with this perspective is still unfolding; as more and more black women adopt this practice & philosophy making it their own.


Defining Points:

  • 1st person self-accountability. Taking full responsibility for cycles & repeats.

  • Re-conditioning of and how to focus your daily energy.

  • Complete redefining of judgments and defined/traditional limits.

  • Destroying agreements and cycles like a ninja.


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Welcome Again! Feel free to chat or post questions and I look forward to journeying with you this piece of the way. And don’t forget to share if you are getting benefit from this content. I love myself and I love you.



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